Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Open Secret

So God's favorite newspaper has an article about a play about to start locally which "explores how fear and guilt were used to frighten [Catholic] youth into piety" in the 1950's.

No, we're not proud of that. Yes, it's been the butt of many jokes -- not to mention the cause of psychological trauma for some.

Again, we're not proud of that... however much some would sacrifice their children to restore those freaky, freaky days -- bruises on knucles, rivers of lace, the whole shebang. (Not to mention little boys getting thrown in the closet, as my father was. No lie.)

However, one part of the review of "Children of Fatima" is notable:

Much of the story centers around the secret "Letter of Fatima," a note allegedly penned by three Portuguese children in 1917 who claimed to have been visited by the Virgin Mary. The letter, which was supposed to be opened in 1960 by the Vatican, was said to predict a nuclear holocaust.

Then what? Then what?

Seems that -- according to God's favorite newspaper (now owned by the former archdiocesan DEFCON1 media operative) -- this didn't happen. (Note: "this" happened in 2000.)

Nobody, but nobody, on the planet loves the Daily News more than I do. They did, after all, give me my first gig in the biz and published my first major piece.

But how they dropped the ball and didn't report that key detail is... um... quite the surprise revelation.