Monday, May 22, 2006

More Liturgy

Thanks to Todd for picking up last night's post. As he's an actual liturgist and always tries to find some balance in the chaos, you might find his insights more than just worthwhile.

The way it looks now, it seems that the episcopal conferences -- i.e. those with reservations -- are being pressured to vote "yes," so as to avert disquiet in their obsequience to the Holy See. To "sweeten" the deal, the assurance is that, so long as they affirm the new translations, all concerns will be vouchsafed after the votes are in.

So much for trust, but verify. (Or however that phrase would be rendered in the Ex-Anglica -- er, Roman Missal.)

Within a year, the new translations will be implemented. As the vote will be a fait accompli by the time it's taken, my mind's already trying to figure out where the best place will be to show up on the first Sunday of their use.

Of course, on that morning, when the serene and kindly gaze of the Almighty will be resplendent with vivaciousness, celebrants everywhere will be impinged to play schoolmarm and utter something to the effect of, "Starting today, the church commands that when I say 'The Lord be with you,' you reply, 'And with your spirit.' Let's try that now...."

And then, when the people keep replying, "And also with you," some will ride with it.

Others, however, will have a conniption.

I'm strategizing where I'll find the biggest conniption. And when I figure it out, I'll be there, watching from the cry room -- shedding tears not from sorrow, but sheer hysterics.