Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From the Disclaimer Desk....

I've long known that, when it comes to its brainpower and long reach, there's no readership so incisive as all of you. And you have no idea how great a help and joy that is, not to mention how grateful I am for it.

Well, it seems that we should think twice before taking this morning's sensational report from Venezuela at face value.... A reader writes:
I assume that you don't realize that you linked to a story on a pro-Chavez propaganda website. The allegations may turn out to be true, but I remain skeptical until they are reported by a credible source. Nothing would please Chavez's "revolutionary" government more than to embarrass the Venezuelan Catholic hierarchy--especially if it would help deflect attention from the wave of high-profile murders and kidnappings afflicting the country.
Given that Hugo Chavez's record on things Catholic is no secret, it's good food for thought....