Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Company of Prayer

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is hearing from people who are in the midst of their workday. It seems that blog-reading has become a new form of diversion at slow moments in the office, so to get a note from someone at their desk is always a gift.

Well, somewhat in that vein, we're coming up on Holy Week, the high-point of the liturgical year which calls for a redoubled commitment to prayer and a renewed focus on the Paschal Mystery as we approach the joy of Easter. To live Holy Week, using it as an extra-intense preparation for Easter day, is a real grace -- and it's something that can even be done in the midst of a hectic workday.

As Palm Sunday looms ever-closer, I've just been sent something which might help a couple of us with that.

A group out in California has started up an initiative called In the Company of Prayer -- a service which sends a daily morning e.mail with a short reflection geared toward giving a moment of peace and uplift for working people "who find simple, prayerful reflection to be a tool in the management of their professional lives."

While many of the people behind "The Company" are Catholic, the reflections are also applicable in an ecumenical context. And each "morning briefing" also links directly to the Sacred Space daily reflections, the wildly popular workstation devotional run by the Irish Jesuits.

Going further, even, I'd like to take a sounding of everyone's experiences and pointers on prayer in the workplace, and whatever little things you do to stay sane and keep God present in your own workday which might be of use for the rest of us. Comments are open, and for those who'd prefer to drop an e.mail, feel free.

Many thanks in advance. This should be fun. And early wishes to everyone for an exhilarating journey through Holy Week.



Blogger Thomas Peters said...

The biggest point I try to make is attending daily Mass. You just can't beat it for the raw time-spent-to-graces-earned ratio. ;)

Another thing I often try to do is saying a rosary on the drive into school... really cuts out the urge to fume at other motorists...

5/4/06 00:40  
Blogger Sister M. Luka Brandenburg said...

I have a bulletin board over my desk with photographs or slips of paper of those for whom I wish to pray. There is also St. Joseph, St. Margaret and the Sacred Heart within view whenever I glance up. It's a help.

5/4/06 07:42  
Blogger Matt said...

A lot of parishes in Chicago distribute Little Black books...6 minutes a day of Lectio Divina. Its such a neutral looking book, no one even knows your praying.

5/4/06 14:27  

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