Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bizarre and... Bizarre

This one's already being chewed over in Rome. It ain't pretty:
Following news early this morning that the dead body of a Barquisimeto priest had been found in a room at the Hotel Bruno (close to Avenida Casanova) in Caracas, Venezuelan Conference of Bishops (CEV) secretary, Monsignor Ramon Viloria has told reporters of the Catholic Church hierarchy's concern over the weekend death which police investigators are treating as having taken place "under strange circumstances."

Father Jorge Pinango Mascareno (47), a CEV under-secretary and an ordained priest for the last 20 years, was alleged to have had a meeting with a young male companion in the down-market hotel in Caracas' red-light district and had checked in with his acquaintance at 5.20 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Venezuelan Cardinal, Archbishop Jorge Urosa Davino and the CEV, leadership are admitting only that the death occurred under "very strange circumstances" but sources within the Church say that the priest's sexual preferences were "well-known but not spoken about publicly."
Be forewarned -- the details aren't so... um... family-friendly.