Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday at St. Peter's

I'm having difficulty posting photos right now, which is driving me downright batty. Nevertheless, on with the news.

On this Third Sunday of Lent -- the solemnity of St. Joseph, patron of laborers, being transferred to tomorrow -- Benedict XVI celebrated a special liturgy for workers in the Vatican Basilica this morning.

Yet again, the homily sounds ad-libbed. Che gioia....
The “main importance” of work lies in “realization of man and development of society”, said the Pope during Mass celebrated in the basilica for associations and groups of Christian workers. He reserved special mention for youth in search of employment and for those who no longer have work, but “at the same time, it is indispensable that man does not allow himself to be enslaved by work, that he does not idolize it, expecting to find in it the ultimate and definitive meaning of life”.
According to AsiaNews, fifty thousand people showed up for the noon Angelus which followed the Mass, extending their good wishes to the Pope Born Joseph on his patronal feast.
[The Pope] talked about the example of St Joseph, who “although he remained quite hidden, assumes a fundamental importance in the history of salvation”. His example “comes forth to all of us a strong invitation to undertake with faithfulness, simplicity and modesty the tasks which Providence assigned to us. I think especially of fathers and mothers of families, and I pray that they may always appreciate the beauty of a simple and industrious life, cultivating with care the conjugal relationship and undertaking the great and not easy mission of education. And [I think] of priests, who exercise fatherhood within church communities, so that St Joseph may obtain for them to love the Church with affection and full dedication, and that he may support consecrated people in their joyful and faithful observation of the evangelical councils of poverty, chastity and obedience. That he may protect workers of the whole world, so that they may contribute with their various professions to the progress of all mankind, and that he may help each Christian to realize the will of God with faith and love, thus cooperating in the fulfillment of the work of Salvation”.
Time to go get more zeppole.