Friday, March 03, 2006

Indult Scorecard, Round Three

The responses just keep pouring in. All thanks to everyone for being so kind and helpful....

As the list is growing long, I'm just going to name the precincts which are reporting, and whatever conditions have been placed upon the respective indults (and if you're late to the party, you can find Round One and Round Two at the links).

The Corned Beef Indult for the Traditional Celebration of St. Paddy's Day has been conceded in the (arch)dioceses of:
  • Springfield in Illinois -- provided "one other day is observed as a day of abstinence in its place."
  • Jefferson City -- with a "[reminder] to do some extra work of penance or charity in place of abstaining from meat on St. Patrick's Day."
  • Orlando -- with the choice of one of three mandatory alternatives for those who indult: "perform some other penitential act; perform an act of charity; abstain from meat on another day... as soon as possible."
  • Orange -- those who indult must abstain on another day of that week.
  • Kansas City in Kansas -- those who indult "asked" to abstain on another day of that week.
  • Portland in Oregon -- pure dispensation, no strings attached.... Release also notes that "The Archdiocesan Lenten Ember Day is on March 22, 2006. Catholics of the Archdiocese are asked to fast and abstain voluntarily on that day. The intention of the Ember Day is for the healing of victims of child sexual abuse and their reconciliation with the Church." Interesting....
  • Altoona-Johnstown -- provided the faithful "pray for vocations to St. Patrick or Sts. Cyril & Methodius." Interesting again....
  • Wilmington -- seemingly no strings attached
A few of the places I'm waiting to hear from: Pittsburgh, the dioceses of Connecticut and Massachusetts (extant Boston), Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston, Miami (for John Timoney's sake) -- and, for the love of God, Fort Wayne-South Bend!

One place I have heard from is Omaha. Apparently, Archbishop Elden Curtiss is not indulting the Nebraska Irish -- and those of us who love them. The chancery, I'm told, is getting more than just an earful.

Rightfully so, I say; it's not as if 17 March is Saturnalia or anything.