Sunday, March 12, 2006

Erickson Canonization Hits Snag, Part 24,567

"Orthodox" poster-cleric Ryan Erickson -- who had a thing for cassocks with shoulder capes, calling women "devils," and crying at the consecration (in addition to polarizing parishes, raping boys, keeping an arsenal of guns and killing two men before hanging himself) -- gets another treatment in the St. Paul Pioneer Press:
In 233 pages of documents released Thursday, the Rev. Phillip Rask, St. Paul Seminary rector, told investigators Erickson was a "below average" student. He said church officials were concerned about Erickson's inability to curb his impulses, including drinking and "promiscuity."

Rask told investigators he was aware of sexual allegations against Erickson prior to his entering the seminary, and that one student filed a complaint after he woke up to discover Erickson in his bed.

No action was taken against Erickson, but Rask said Erickson was told that his "conduct was unbecoming of a priest."....

Talk about understatement.
The Rev. John Drummy of Amery told investigators he had spoken with Erickson about his inability to deal with people. He warned Erickson that the resulting conflict and division were hurting his Hudson parish.
Conflict? Division? Hurting? So? Doesn't everybody know that's what "real Catholicism" is all about? I gotta tell you, these wimpy liberal heterodox are so behind the times.....
Rask said Erickson seemed to adopt more traditional or orthodox [there's that magic word] views between his junior and senior seminary years. That is when he began wearing a cassock. Rask said Erickson was "not smart enough" to preach about complex pre-Vatican II practices and it was clear that he "didn't know what he was talking about."
Now there's a first.