Thursday, March 23, 2006

Der Kardinalvater

The Boston Globe's David Ryan got this beautiful shot of Papa Bear during the customary few minutes photogs and reporters are given in the Aula at the start of the day....

Ryan's got more great photos up -- and Michael Paulson's got more stories up -- on the Globe's RomeBlog, so keep an eye there....

And, again, remember that the best words and images -- a veritable feast! -- are still to come.

For those who'd like to watch the Consistory -- which begins at 10.30am tomorrow Rome time, 0930GMT, 4.30 on the US Eastern -- as it happens, here are your options:
CTV (the Vatican's feed which -- thank you, Jesus -- won't be trampled on by translation/commentary), Boston Catholic Television (which'll feature commentary by Fr. Bob Reed, its director, and an interview with the newly-created Cardinal Sean later in the morning) and, of course, EWTN.

And which of these has monlogued over the Sistine Choir's rendition of Tu es Petrus in the past, again?