Monday, February 06, 2006

Foley Update

It's hard enough to interview many prelates when they're hale and hearty, but leave it to Philadelphia's own Archbishop John Foley, recovering from surgery to remove a kidney on Friday, to take questions from the hospital.

CNS' Cindy Wooden reaffirms that, as reported here hours after the operation, the tumor on the kidney was "nonmalignant."
The archbishop, who was to remain at Rome's Gemelli hospital at least until Feb. 8, told Catholic News Service Feb. 6 that although he felt "a little bleak" right after the surgery, he was improving quickly.

The most surprising thing, he said, was how much attention the operation got on Catholic news sites and blogs, or Web logs.
Of course, we do whatever we can for Foley here. Anytime, guy....

I've received a number of e.mails since Friday conveying prayers for the archbishop and his speedy and complete recovery. Many correspondents had particular stories of encountering Archbishop Foley's kindness and Christian spirit over the years, so it's been particularly touching that all of these are remembered with lasting gratitude.

Surely, there are a lot more where that came from.