Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dueling Arms?

OK, so I know I partied a little hard to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday last night (lil' darlin', stir it up), but I wanted to run something by everyone just in case my eyes are deluding me.

On 26 January, in covering on the ordination of the self-described "baby bishop," 45 year-old Alex Sample of Marquette, I wrote what was written in reporting the new bishop's motto as "Contemplare Vultus Christi" -- "To Contemplate the Face of Christ."

Beautiful work, no?

So, because, as you know, I like keeping appraised of how our rookie high-hats are doing, I checked back into the website of the UP Catholic, the Marquette diocesan paper a few minutes ago to happily find Sample's ordination supplement.

Well, Loggiaheads, God only knows what in the name of Bruno Heim is going on, because something has inexplicably changed -- and I'm not talking the "Star Trek"-esque rendering of the arms on a slant.

You'll have to forgive me -- I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe right now. And, for once, Bob Marley is not involved.

The Upper Peninsula Catholic