Sunday, January 22, 2006

Swiss Sunday

We'll have to get pictures of this posted as soon as they're available, but the Cardinal-Secretary of State is celebrating the Quincentenary Mass of the Pontifical Swiss Guard... in fiddleback. And lace alb.

This will excite many of you, I am well-aware.

Yet again, everyone's out for the Sunday liturgy commemorating the 500th anniversary of the first Swiss entry into the Vatican. A boatload of cardinals, John Foley, Renato Boccardo, Bishop Amadee' Grab, the Benedictine President of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, et al. As Piero Marini only comes out for His Fluffiness, today's MC is the omnipresent Mons. Camaldo, a man of many names.

The Guards are sitting along the right side of the Sistine Chapel in uniform, their families to the left in front of the choir screen which divides the room in two. The Sistine choir is providing the music....

You've got to feel sorry for those Guards who have to keep an eye on the shop and can't be there.