Sunday, January 22, 2006

On With the Super-Big Show

Just in case you forgot, the Giganta-Mass is beginning down in DC.

The procession will take the better part of an hour and I can see the Daughters of Wojtyla just pushing on each other to get out of the sacristy door and into the spotlight. Tell me you're surprised. For the younger members of the clerical clique, remember that seeing and being seen -- all for the most defenseless, of course -- is an important witness to the sanctity of life.


Until they started seeing seminarians and got all hopped up, the congregants were just chatting their heads off, in church, as if they were confused, thinking they were in a shopping mall or something.

Per usual, though, "Mary's House" is packed, stacked and running over, and the sacerdotal showcase has, per usual, got its vestments just workin'.... You wouldn't expect any less -- after all, they do have to put on a nice show for the faithful now, don't they?