Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In the Morning, an Encyclical....

Before closing shop for the evening -- the 5am wake-up call will come quick, and with it a busy day -- there was a notable screed over at the world capital of continuous auto da fe:
"[T]o liberals (even Church ones) it is UNEXPECTED and ASTONISHING that a conservative Pope has would ever speak of LOVE."
No, Benedict talking about love isn't unexpected at all. Popes are Catholic, and love is an integral part of what Catholics do -- well, at least, when they're actually living (as opposed to screaming) what they profess.

What would really be unexpected and astonishing is if the conservative base which has repeatedly repudiated Benedict since his election will actually shut up for a half an hour, let him speak, and get over themselves enough that they'll actually listen to what he's saying.

That will be just SHOCKING.

Stay tuned for full coverage tomorrow. Until then, buona notte.