Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye, Klink... Hello, Klink

Eight days after his release from a Turkish prison, Mehmet Ali-Agca is back in jail:
Turkey's highest appeals court ruled that Ali Agca, 48, should serve more time in jail for killing a Turkish journalist in 1979.

There was a public outcry when Agca was released early last week, and the government challenged the decision....

Agca was arrested in Istanbul on Friday afternoon and was taken to police headquarters.

Justice Minister Cemil Cicek had argued he should serve a full 10-year term for the 1979 murder of left-wing Turkish journalist Abdi Ipekci, as well as two bank robberies.

The gunman's release provoked outrage in Turkey.

His lawyer, Mustafa Demirbag, told Turkey's NTV channel that they would respect "all decisions by the independent Turkish court".
Which reminds me that I saw something on Agca's release last week in which some John Paul intimate said that the late Pope would've been "pleased" that the man who shot him had been granted freedom.

As they said when the topic came up on the Howard Stern show, "The pope might've been able to forgive him -- but we can't."