Monday, January 23, 2006

The Election Up North

Hey, Americans -- remember that Canadian election I talked about last week? Well, it happened today.... Our Canadian nuncio has been keeping me filled in.

(As I've said before, US people think US. Period. For some strange reason, Yankees feel more of a connection with Bermuda than with the Great White North. When Americans -- especially Republican Catholics -- try to think Vatican, they still end up acting like Americans. You can imagine how well that goes over across the Pond....)

Anyways, Stephen Harper's Conservatives have pulled ahead relatively early in the evening -- they usually don't close the gap until later in the night, when the rural West comes in. As of 10pm, Harper's bloc has won or is leading in 97 seats of the 308 in Ottawa's House of Commons, the governing Liberals are on 86....

Stay tuned.