Friday, January 27, 2006

B16 HITS US: 2007


In the words of the old soul singers, all I have to say is "People, get ready."

Several months ago, a source with excellent contacts told me that Cardinal Keeler of Baltimore was lobbying heavily for a papal visit to the Primatial See to mark its 200th anniversary and the rededication of the Basilica of the Assumption, the first American cathedral.

As this was given to me "absolutely off-the-record" and simply as something to look out for, I could say nothing about it.

But now Keeler is speaking, and I can break my own silence along with it.... In a statement to a Baltimore radio station today, he said:
"When I was in Rome two weeks ago, I inquired and I already had the suspicion that the pope's schedule was filling up so much that he would not be able to respond positively to my invitation to come this year. When I inquired, they said that this is exactly right -- he has a very full schedule of commitments hither and yon in Europe, responding to various invitations that were extended to him, but that he is planning to come to the United States next year, and that the visit to Baltimore was part of the program that he looked forward to participating in."
People, get ready....

SVILUPPO: More analysis and first soundings for the potential visit can be found here.