Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Media Notes: Leftist Things Considered?

I will tell you something I never thought I'd say: NPR's anti-Bush slant is annoying.

Your humble writer was driving around earlier today, listening to All Things Considered. The show did a full ten minutes on the decennial White House Conference on Aging, which was held today, going into full indignant hyperventilation mode over Bush's decision not to attend, as if a Pope had decided to snub the opening of an ecumenical council or something.

I will go further: The coverage was so ridiculous and credibility-draining it could've been a piece in The Onion. I consider myself a pretty well-informed person, and I never even knew there was a White House Conference on Aging. What is more, it's news to me that, before Bush's absence at this latest incarnation of it, the Left ever saw it as such a big to-do -- your liberal media never got this whipped up about it during the Clinton Administration.

The president opted to do his own little spiel in suburban DC at a retirement community with a hand-picked audience to which he praised his Medicare plan. When you place this PR-preferable option against a wonkish conference (even a White House one) where every last delegate was not vetted and chosen by the administration itself, expecting that Bush would attend the latter is like saying Benedict XVI will be presiding at the next women's ordination ceremony in the middle of the St. Lawrence River -- i.e. to think such things, you must be out of your mind.

But, that said, NPR's anti-Bush slant is still over-the-top and annoying.