Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Keeping an Eye on the Vanguard Bishop

Envy is respected and returned in kind here. Our good friend Todd out in KC might be envious of the scoops I get, then again that's all I've got for anyone to be envious of -- unless anyone voluntarily seeks death threats and daily conservative fatwas all while trying to scrape by and keep hope alive that I can make some kind of living off of being the best in the business.

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I'm envious of Todd as he gets to watch Bishop Robert Finn in action on the ground. Finn is distinguished in an eminent way by his earthy, serene nature and almost surreal humility, a welcome antidote to a lot else of what's flying around these days..... And Todd got to see the good bishop do his thing the other night, giving what Todd called "the best homily" of the ones he's seen Finn give, a reflection on martyrdom at the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph's annual Serra Mass.

Here are Todd's notes (there's no direct link, but take some time to check out Catholic Sensibility):
[Finn] told a disarming story about his experience of reflecting on martyrdom, wondering if he would be able to accept such a "blessing," and all. After his prayer time, he returned to the sacristy, and cut his finger on a slice of paper in the drawer. After a short time of fussing and getting angry, he realized God had given him his answer rather immediately. "A pathetic martyr" he referred to the situation.

Two gems from his homily:

Christ at Christmas is small. The martyrdoms we are asked to undertake are likewise small: students keeping to their studies, parents caring for spouses and children. The small, but daily things we are asked to do: setting aside our own desires, caring for others.

The true measure of holiness is the willingness to submit to the slow path to sanctification.
Here's another Finn gem, lest anyone missed it last time around.