Monday, December 05, 2005

If the Culture War Prophecies of Doom Pan Out, These Isles Will Be Smote By a Judgment of Fire and Submerged Into the Sea -- All Within 24 Hours

Gay marriage comes to Britain:
At least 1,200 ceremonies are confirmed as being scheduled already, according to figures from councils compiled by the BBC News website.

Registrars are preparing for the first ceremonies, with couples permitted to register from Monday morning.

Campaigners says the law ends inequalities for same-sex couples.

The first ceremonies under the Civil Partnerships Act can take place in Northern Ireland on 19 December, followed by Scotland the next day and England and Wales on 21 December.
Elton John has announced a 21 December wedding to his longtime beau David Furnish, and George Michael got on the bandwagon over the weekend, announcing that he, too, will jump the broom.

To celebrate, Michael should do a special remake of "Last Christmas" -- everybody's favorite oh-so-'80s holiday carol.