Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holding Forth

Greetings from the Sickbed.... Slowly getting my voice back... Still poaching, computerwise.... Remember the Fund Drive....

As I've hoped to do -- admittedly, sooner than three days out, but oh well -- I've tracked down an audio file of Benedict XVI's Homily at Midnight Mass on Sunday.

Even if you don't know Italian, listen while reading along with a copy of the English fulltext -- thankfully, some words sound similar enough in both languages that it's pretty easy to keep pace. As we've gotten to see over the last nine months, Joseph Ratzinger's delivered speeches are such that much is lost when one can't sense the inflections, the subtle indicators of what the listener should take away from the address. This is especially true in the liturgical environment.

To think that the man took nine minutes to read seven paragraphs. Just an indicator that he had something to say and had no desire to rush it.