Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Forcibly on the Road

Good morning from Kinko's.

I'll say it again -- good morning from Kinko's. If this isn't enough to get me stir-crazy, then nothing ever will be. Suffice it to say, I'm one frustrated camper.

Let me fill you in: A couple weeks ago, my beloved desktop went fritz. Not pretty, not fun -- and as if that wasn't enough, my whole iTunes library went with it. So I've been poaching ever since from various family and friends, but working primarily off of my sister's laptop, an arrangement she generously put up with.

Of course, no good thing lasts forever; she had an Italian hissyfit this morning and I had to give it back. Not fun.

So I need a new machine. And until then, I'll have to do the Kinko's thing of a 20-minute drive, $.40 a minute and, well, you get the idea.

This is a good time to remind everyone that there is a Fund Drive on. (Donation bar on the right.) I've gotten all of two contributions so far, so to the duo who've been kind enough to put me between their gas and electric, all thanks. But, as always, there is a ways to go there....

As for e.mails and news, I'll try to get to what I can get to and when I can get to it. Please be patient (and as patience isn't my strong suit, I appreciate those who aren't). My hands are tied -- my least favorite feeling in the world -- so if you love this work, if you get something, anything, out of it and are able to lend a hand, please, please do so.

As I've already blown $20 from the Christmas budget to catch up on 12 hours' backlog of stuff, I've got to get running.

More soon, I hope. It's your call.