Thursday, November 17, 2005

Castrillon Speaks... And Causes More Trouble

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei -- who prefers to simply moonlight these days as the Vatican's man for issues involving the world's 60,000 priests, focussing instead on an issue that involves about 1,000 people and four obstinately schismatic bishops -- is making waves again, this time in an interview with the French television outlet Canal 5.

The most noteworthy statement is this:
We are not dealing with a case of heresy. One cannot say in correct and exact terms that there is a schism. There is, in the act of ordaining bishops with out papal approval, a schismatic attitude. They are within the confines of the Church. The problem is just that there is a lack of a full, a more perfect – and as it was said during the meeting with Msgr. Fellay – a more full communion, because communion exists.
Talk about opening your Pandora's Boxes....

Now, if the Trad Tribunal could go bonzo (as they did) on Cardinal Poupard for talking about evolution in a positive light, and (as they did) on Cardinal Pompedda for reminding the sane world that Rome and Econe aren't as close as DICI would like you to believe, the same should be happening here. In a just world, at least.

But as the right fringe sees the SSPX as being "closer to the faith" than lesser souls who haven't lifted up their leg as spectacularly and obstinately on the hydrant of papal authority (i.e. their belief that slamming the door on the successor of Peter and ordaining four bishops unilaterally is perfectly peachy and kosher, so long as Trent is the excuse), there will be not a word of critique, I'm sure.

Tip to Papabile, still our point man for all things SSPX, for sending this along from hiatus.