Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Vermaarde" Whispers? Oh, My....

You know, because I keep an eye on the numbers and where readership's coming from, interesting things pop up all the time.... Lots of Google searches -- everybody, it seems, does a search for "Whispers in the Loggia" (thank you) -- links from the usual suspects, fatwa lists, etc.

But one of the more interesting ones came up today -- you know, one of those things that makes a writer go "Huh?!" -- so I took a check and found that my cred is, indeed, rising.

Stijn Fens is a Dutch Vaticanologist who covers the beat for radio and TV in the Netherlands. You can find his blog (in Dutch) here; it provides a solid round-up of things Vatican and coverage in the Italian press.

Well, apparently, Stijn saw something he enjoyed here the other day, so he cited "Rocco Palmo on his renowned weblog Whispers in the Loggia..."

Good grief. Now I'm "renowned"? In Dutch? Beware when men say nice things of you.... But I'm touched and honored. Astonished, really. I'm admittedly still getting used to this kind of thing. If only I could make an actual gig of it (hint, hint, outlets).

Whatever the case, Fens cited my report about Archbishop Dziwisz's full-throttle sense of mission vis a vis the canonization of John Paul II. I'm glad someone made some use of it.

And, for the Stan Fans out there, here are some shots of the Legend attending the opening of the "John Paul II and Rome" exhibit last week.



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