Monday, October 17, 2005

Toronto Calling

So I got a call on Friday morning from the CBC (that's Canadian Broadcasting, people). Apparently, they were hard at work preparing a package on the Seminary Visitation and the forthcoming Instruction, so a producer called asking for some guidance as to things Vatican-American.

As nothing makes my journalistic heart happier than taking care of my colleagues, I was more than happy to oblige, so I did about 15 minutes of the background thing.... (Admittedly, the feather in the cap part doesn't hurt.)

It'll all be running tomorrow morning on The Current on CBC's Radio 1 -- apparently, it airs in Toronto from 9-10AM Eastern, and this package will take up the second segment. So some can listen on radio, some online.. Whatever floats your boat.

You won't be hearing my voice -- that job belongs to some luminaries of the craft, including Everybody's Favorite Fr. McBrien -- but you'll probably encounter my gentle hand in a couple places. God, I love radio.

Happy listening.



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