Monday, October 24, 2005

Stan's Back -- And He's Got a Request

From this morning's audience for the canonization pilgrims, B16 greets the archbishop of Krakow.

Several sources have told me that Stanislaw Dziwisz is motivated by one and only one thing these days -- the canonization of his beloved boss. (Because beatification just isn't enough.) He's been telling reporters in interviews that he hopes Benedict XVI will work the papal magic and canonize JP on his planned trip next June to Poland.

These two'll be together again in a couple weeks. CBS announced the other day that it will screen its upcoming mini-series on John Paul II starring Jon Voight for the Pope, Dziwisz and 6,000 of their closest friends on 17 November in the Paul VI Hall. This is the second time the Pope will be watching a movie about his predecessor in public.

"Pope John Paul II" will air in the States in two parts, to be shown December 4 and 7.

PHOTO: L'Osservatore



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