Thursday, October 20, 2005

Coming Out in Style

Here's something for our Canadian readers to tune into and report on.
A Canadian television network is airing a special report tonight at 10 ET featuring a Catholic priest declaring his homosexuality, which according to VisionTV, makes him the first Canadian priest to come out publicly. The multifaith multicultural network's signature current affairs series, 360 Vision, is tackling the debate over gays in the Catholic priesthood. The Canadian priest being interviewed on 360 Vision says he is celibate and estimates that as many as 50% of all priests in Canada are gay. The Vatican is expected to soon release a document outlying its policy to allow gay men into the priesthood if they can show they have been celibate for at least three years, but it will bar those who publicly announce their homosexuality.
If this were happening in the States, they'd need armed guards to stand sentry at the studio. God love Canada.



Blogger thirsty scribe said...

That is hardly the first Canadian priest to come out publicly (perhaps on TV only).

A few years ago the pastor of a local parish stood up at a Sunday Mass, and declared that he was leaving the priesthood because of his gayness.

I understand his current activities include writing tawdry letters of opinion justifying the gay lifestyle.

20/10/05 19:48  
Blogger Jacob said...

Let's not forget that while you can laud homosexuality in Canada, doing otherwise can very well land you in trouble with the law on hate crimes charges.

*points at Kathy's thick folders over at her blog*

21/10/05 11:50  

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