Monday, October 24, 2005

Broken "Vows"

You know, Terry Gross -- the host of NPR's Fresh Air -- really has a thing for the Catholic church. And, especially as she records in my town, why haven't I been in studio with her yet?

A couple weeks back, she had the anonymously gay priest on, followed-up by Joe "Gay Priests are like Pyromaniac Firemen" Fessio. Today's show looks like another all-Catholic showing: Terry's guest is Peter Manseau, author of the newly-released Vows. Manseau's father was (is?) a priest, his mother was a religious.... And, well, something else happened along the way.

Should make for interesting listening. Check your local NPR affiliate for airtimes, or listen to the audio stream which goes up here later in the afternoon. And then come here to discuss.



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