Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Like a Rolling Rock?

For those who appreciate good culture, I'm watching Part Two of the Scorsese-directed docu-epic on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, which has aired on PBS last night and tonight.

Watching the remastered archived footage, it's just electrifying. And they just showed our dear departed Mario Savio.... What a time.

Anyone else see it? Comments?



Blogger Staying in Balance said...

I saw the first part on Monday. I didn't realize he got his start in the beat scene. Very interesting stuff.

28/9/05 08:59  
Blogger justplaincath said...

I watched the first evening of it and enjoyed it immensely. I was young when Dylan was young, and I introduced him to some of my friends.

I think what is interesting from the first night was Pete Seeger's comments on the "folk process"--how songs change over time in a living language. How many versions are there of "The Butcher Boy"?

(So dig my grave
Both wide and deep
Place a marble stone
At my head and feet
And o'er my grave
Place a turtle dove
To show the world
That I died for love)

There are many variants of this--in some versions a "snow white dove" is placed on her breastplate, rather than over her grave; in others, it's a "snowy white dove". The words are different, but what is being conveyed is the same.

Interesting that what we are seeing in the ICEL translations is the "folk process" at its best (or worst).

For me, the best version of the "Butcher's Boy" is by Joan Baez, but that is only because it is the first version that I heard, and the most familiar to me. I feel the same way about the prayers--I like the old ones for their familiarity.

28/9/05 09:25  
Blogger Staying in Balance said...

"Interesting that what we are seeing in the ICEL translations is the "folk process" at its best (or worst)."

That is an interesting take on the translation process!

28/9/05 11:07  

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