Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Big George Speaks

My favourite cape-wearing Australian football hooligan -- Cardinal Pell to you -- has given an interview to a Catholic web-journal in Oz.
"I do think the pressures on the clergy today are precisely because of the pansexualism of society," he said. “But even the pansexualism of today though would be considerably less than in the time of the Roman Empire and paganism.”
What's Latin for "The spirit of Castrillion is upon me"?
“I don't favour the abandoning of the discipline of compulsory celibacy in the Western Church for the clergy for a number of reasons. It could be changed. The Church could ordain married men. So I tell our seminarians ‘It's never going to work the other way. You'll never be able to be ordained and then go looking for a wife.’ The Church might change its discipline and ordain married men [but] I'm not in favour of that for a number of practical and spiritual reasons.”
I agree -- how curious that he's keeping the door open, however.....

Cardinal Pell said that allowing priests to marry could invite other problems.

“I know that the public notoriety that I have had here and there that my family has found it rather difficult..."
I know his cousin the nun has had a rather tough time of it.

On Benedict, Pell says

“It is not without significance that the Catholic Church was able to choose a German. I am not sure how long ago that would have been impossible. At the end of a press conference in Rome one of the reporters said ‘What does it mean that the Catholic Church has chosen a German as Pope?’ I said I think it means that the Second World War is finally over and that we can turn the page on that appalling section of history.

“A young German woman who works in the Vatican Radio came up to me and said she was very pleased that I said that because even today you can't imagine how difficult it sometimes can be even in other parts of Europe travelling around and saying that you're German.”
Even today, you can't imagine how difficult it sometimes can be to travel around Germany in 15 feet of scarlet moire, either. But these things happen.

Via Papabile.



Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Is Pell saying that Eastern Rite priests are much more capable than Latin Rite priests? Otherwise, how could THEY handle the pressures of priesthood and married life?

And what about those married guys who were "received" into the church and now are fully functioning RC priests? Are they Truly Superior Beings?

Pell had better watch his tongue.

28/9/05 20:01  
Blogger god googler said...

I was in grad school with an Eastern Rite Bishop who talked about the constant struggle that his priests had in balancing family and parish administration. He issued a mandate that they all had to take Monday and Saturday off and that only the unmarried guys could do Saturday night services. Helped a bit. I think this might be what Pell is referring to.

Meanwhile in NJ an Anglican priest who was accepted into the Roman rite was removed from his parish because he was found guilty of beating his wife. Most of these guys left the Anglicans over the ordination of women and yet the Vatican thought they'd they'd make good priests here. Then when you hear these stories you gotta wonder if they are just part of the he-man woman haters club.

Pell may be saying that the guys who are married priests already are facing huge challenges and perhaps he thinks we can learn from that, study it, and avoid some of the problems we already know could happen.

29/9/05 11:33  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

I know a lot of Protestant ministers, almost all of whom are married. Yes, they have to learn how to balance their married and pastoral livee, and SO DO their parishioners. They have learn that they don't have 24/7 access to the minister for anything. They also have to learn to accept respontability and accountability for that part of congregational life that is theirs, i.e., the finances, physical structure, etc. Catholics are used to cheap and ready access to priests for whatever reason, and get annoyed whenever Father isn't jumping when they pull the string. Well, get over it folks. Those days are gone, thank God.

29/9/05 14:07  

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