Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yes, I Do Exist....

So we had an evening with the Fair Amy here in the River City tonight... and what an evening it was!

As expected, the most anticipated ecclesiastical speaker in Philly in a long time did fabulously well and kept the crowd thinking, laughing and inspired. She was even more a wonder and a joy to watch than she is to read.... The crowd had to be about 150-200 people, and the teacher in her just shone. I was smiling like a fiend just to be a part of the experience. And, admittedly, I'm jealous of the students who spent some of those million-plus classroom hours with her. Hopefully they knew how blessed they were in their school days.

The question period -- the second hour of the evening -- was dominated by The DaVinci Code. As I haven't read it and don't intend to (no matter how much that fact of life baffles the people around me), I was more intrigued by queries which touched on blogging, the abuse crisis and the Iraq war. In talking about Open Book, Amy spoke about how she would always hit "walls" in the conventional Catholic press -- "walls" from bishops, "walls" from audience demographics, etc. And the beauty of blogging, one I can echo, is that those walls are obliterated here. This medium is, indeed, a gift.

Gratefully, I was able to spend most of the evening as an unmarked car, precisely because no bishops with voodoo dolls were present. Thank God. (Stephen McDermott, your hair is damn fabulous. Let it grow....) But a couple of snowflakes were present and eager to meet up, so we had a fun chat and my cover started to fray.

And then I got to spend a couple minutes with Amy. The quote of the night belongs to her: "I almost asked into the microphone 'Is Rocco here?!'" I was, albeit a little late... But meeting her in my hometown was just a thrill, and here's hoping it won't be the last time. The affirmation of those who have set the bar for me means the world. Pray that her car's working in the morning so she and the clan can get to DC without a snag -- and if you're down there, go to the Shrine this weekend, say "hi" and buy a book!

Admittedly, it was a very rough day before the Theology on Tap session. I came within five minutes of announcing that the blog was closed for good because my ability to go on is, candidly, wearing thin. I'd never wish to leave, but my security went out the window with the decision to follow my bliss and devote myself to this work full-time on a wing and a prayer. With great dread, unless a miracle happens, I'm approaching the likelihood that I'll have to put my tail between my legs and go back to doing PR for strip malls or something of the kind. It's a painful reality to grapple with, and here's hoping I can get through in one piece.

Whatever happens, tonight did put a little more gas in the tank, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Kudos to the Philly OYYA for putting on a spectacular evening!



Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Don't you DARE cop out on us! This site is just getting really good!

Beware of unhappy intrinsically disordered folk who will make yer life mizzzurabull if you give this up for 3 paid meals a day.

5/8/05 00:40  
Blogger CDE said...

What about doing this part-time? All or nothing thinking is generally not too constructive...

5/8/05 08:47  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

A contribution of $25+ a quarter from each individual poster / regular reader to / of this blogsite wouldn't break anyone's bank and might help The Rock of Sages in his attempt to keep the faith and keep this compendium online.

Cough up, folks!

(And, no, I am not his mother masquerading as a dashingly handsome and urbane poster, either.)

5/8/05 19:47  
Blogger Christ-Haunted said...

Great report. I've been reading Amy Welborn for well over a year now. I'm also a former resident of the City of Pharoahs and became instantly homesick reading Rocco and Amy's accounts. (I still have the rosary I bought at the Shrine of St. John Neumann.)

6/8/05 15:37  

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