Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Very Happy Return

This part of the Vatican Radio interview of the other day completely passed me by earlier in the week...
I have spent several wonderful years in the Rhineland, so I’m simply delighted to breathe in the character of the Rhineland, of this international city and all that is connected to it. Then there is also the fact that providence wanted my first trip abroad to take me to Germany. I would not have dared to have initiated it. But if the Almighty God decides to do something like that to you, then one can only be delighted.
That's a great line.




Blogger John Hearn said...

That's why I'm not pope. I'd just yell "Yippeeeeee!"

18/8/05 17:32  
Blogger Sam Martini said...

He writes engagingly of his time there in his autobiography "Milestones" - this one is worth a read as it is suprising in its humility and simplicity. Such a man as Joseph Ratzinger might have been expected to produce a heavy, important autobio, but instead he wrote a relatively short, charming and simple story of his life up to 1977 (he notes that he considers everything after being made Archbishop/Cardinal) as the present/now and not ready to write about)- no fuss or drama. I was suprised by how much I liked the book - and him all the more after reading it.

18/8/05 20:37  

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