Thursday, August 11, 2005

Something to Note

You know, CWNews has not put anything up about Clark's retirement. For once, even Diogenes -- queen of morose delectation -- has fallen silent about a sex scandal. Last week he was screaming about Kim Sue Lia Perkes.... But nothing about the rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York?


Given their unity (ideological and otherwise) with EWTN, this extreme reticence isn't the most surprising thing. It kinda reflects on Amy's question in the post below.

Say the rector in question were Kevin Kostelnik, Neal Quartier (who they really have the hots for) or someone of the kind... Could you imagine the festival they'd be having? They're still savoring the morsels from Rembert Weakland.

Some objectivity, no? Talk about your double standards.



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Something else to note

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