Thursday, August 11, 2005

Simply Put

Midnight, and the snowflakes are screaming.... Well, what's new about that?

Before the wind-down, just a quick note. I've gotten e.mails through the day asking for comment about the allegations involving Msgr. Eugene Clark, rector of my beloved St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, and his secretary of 25 years. (If you want the links, you can find them somewhere else.)

I hope I'm not letting anyone down by being brief, but my only comment is this: regardless of what comes out, whether it's true or just an insinuation used as grist in a divorce case, it's just plain SAD.

Think about it: Either the people -- both in New York and beyond, thanks to Clark's elevated public profile -- didn't get what they thought they were getting in a priest who preached ethics and morality (at a cost of between $70-100K a year, we're told), or a man's reputation has irreparably been dragged through the mud to attain leverage in litigation.

Either way, the reports are tragic and their consequences will be shouldered by the innocent. Whatever the outcome, that alone is cause for grief.



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