Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shake-Up, Part XVI

Papabile -- who's all over tomorrow's SSPX meeting like white on rice -- comes in with more New Curia spec:
From an astute reader in Rio, we get this from O Globo:


"Cardinal in Rome. It is considered as certain in the Vatican. Eus├ębio Oscar Scheid [...] will be transferred to Rome."
I was actually tipped to this earlier in the week and have discussed it at length with some Brazilian operatives; the reports on-the-ground in Latin America are said to be of the same intensity which preceded the appointment of Lucas Neves as prefect of Bishops in 1998 -- a flurry of advance buzz not seen before or since.

Scheid taught dogmatic theology and liturgy before his appointment as a bishop, which would make him a prime candidate for either Divine Worship or Catholic Education. But, considering the conjoined role of the prefect of Bishops with the presidency of the Commission for Latin America, this too is a distinct possibility.

Then again, who said the two functions would stay united once the curial reform is complete?

It was specifically pointed out to me that Scheid is particularly appealing due to his background, both as a religious (he's a priest of the Sacred Heart Fathers) and his ethnic upbringing. He, along with Hummes, continues the long-standing tradition of Brazilian cardinals of German heritage -- both speak fluent German and are well-accustomed to the ways of the Pope's native country. Given that context, experience with both the institutional present and future of global Catholicism can be found, which is a rare and priceless commodity these days considering the exigencies of a rapidly changing international situation. Not to mention the shared cultural milieu providing a base for a solid relationship with the Boss....

Even closer to home, the word's been floating that another American prelate has gotten happy words and been asked to board the Mothership..... More on that as the secrets allow.



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