Monday, August 01, 2005

The Plank in Rick's Eye

From the warped mind of Rick Santorum, more of his disturbing propensity to blame everything but lower taxes on Democrats. Now he's blaming clerical sexual abuse on Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. (Tip to Amy.)
''They spoke nothing. They sat by and let this happen," Santorum said.
God help us. God help us. God save us from this nutcase. Pro-life or not, I don't care -- that is some perverted statement. And there's more:

Santorum, appearing yesterday on ABC's ''This Week with George Stephanopoulos," was asked to explain his comment about Boston. He said: ''I singled out Boston in 2002. In July of 2002, that was the epicenter. We did not know -- "

Stephanopoulos cut off Santorum, saying, ''That simply is not true," noting that stories about abuse in many places had been printed at the time of Santorum's article. ''Well, at the time, we did not know it was in every city of the country," Santorum responded.

We didn't know? Maybe ya blocked it out, Rick, but long before 2002, there were some very significant abuse cases in Pittsburgh -- your hometown. (Well, at least until you moved to Leesburg....)

I guess you've let Boston and those sick Democrats get to you so much that I have to remind you about this. The Pittsburgh cases were so significant and attracted so much attention that Bishop Wuerl (he's your bishop, Rick!) is renowned for being open with the public, fair to victims, and committed to protecting young people from predator clergy.

[Wuerl] remembers reading about a Louisiana bishop who had knowingly transferred a serial child rapist from parish to parish to parish.

"When you read something like that, you say, 'Isn't that terrible? But that's not happening here,' " Wuerl recalled.

But shortly after becoming bishop of Pittsburgh in February 1988, he learned that it had happened here. Several months earlier, three priests had been banned from public ministry because of allegations that they had all molested the same two altar boys.

And a fourth priest, the former principal of two diocesan high schools, had been given an administrative job in the diocesan education office because of a 1986 allegation that he had molested a student at Quigley High School in Baden.

That reckoning set the course for his evolution into a bishop who now has a national reputation for zero tolerance of priests who molest minors.

We wouldn't have known anything about Bishop Wuerl's sterling record on abuse if it hadn't happened in Pittsburgh. But it was going on in your backyard too, Senator. And, by your own explicit standard, you spoke nothing, you sat by and let it happen.

What's your excuse?



Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

In fact, politicians should NOT be inserting themselves in the internal ministerial decisions of the Catholic Church - or any church for that matter. The involvement of politicians in "The Situation" has been the cause for much mischief, including arbitrary changes in the statute of limitations in California, and releasing hostile grand jury investigations by DAs and AGs when said DAs and AGs pretty much knew from the outset that the bishops investigated did not commit any crimes. Once you go down that road, politicians will start inserting themselves into churches in other ways to further their own politico-social agenda, like blue state politicians trying to force churches to ordain women priests or gay priests. Or conversely, in red states politicians might try to police liberal ministers who officiate over putative same-sex marriages. Rick Santorum - of all people - should not want the federal and state governments to go down this road.

2/8/05 11:38  

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