Monday, August 29, 2005

On With the (Really Big) Show

I got a call the other day from one of the Three Queens of San Francisco -- for the curious, they're not of the drag variety.

Ever the Ace, the Fair Kate asked if I was, indeed, gonna make good on the talk and show up for the installation of San Fran's next archbishop. At this point, I'd love to, but no decision will be made until after the appointment is made and the date is set. And it's anyone's guess when we'll have that....

That said, I want my tickertape parade in the Castro.

Even though his identity isn't public knowledge yet, Levada's successor is already being colorfully referred to in some quarters as "Son of Darth." Barring the unforeseen, his unveiling will be the first major American move of B16's papacy, in a city where the Catholic community has been able to accomplish more by being an instrument of solidarity and civic cooperation than a hard-lined hunter of heresy.

One front-runner has shown his hand on the pastoral approach question. Bishop George Niederauer of Salt Lake City, a native Angeleno and classmate of Levada's said to be the CDF head's preferred successor in San Francisco, has been spotted relaxing in residence at a Southern California parish known for its prominent and extremely committed LGBT parishioner-base, celebrating masses and doing vacation ministry.

If he is, indeed, Son of Darth, it seems a sign that Niederauer would continue his predecessors' tradition of pastoral outreach and engagement by the Bay... Good, good news for San Fran.



Blogger John Bianco said...

Bp. Niderauder is closing in on 70, though he is one of the St. Johns seminary boys that have come to dominate the bishop chairs in California.

Anyways, I know you like Abp. Levada, but as someone who lived in the Bay Area for a majority of my life, all I can say is while people my parise him for being "pastoral" the absolute numbers of Catholics is less now than it was in 95, and with most of the immigrats to the area being Catholic, haveing the numbers shrink is not an easy accomplishment, worse yet, maybe 15% of listed Catholics go to mass every week. 3 cheers of being "pastoral"

29/8/05 23:32  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Three Queens of SF !!! Who ARE these pretenders to my throne?

30/8/05 00:08  
Blogger Jeff said...

John Bianco:

You naive literalist, you.

"Pastoral" has nothing to do with numbers of parishioners, it's supposed to mean not trying to rein in activist homosexual priests and looking the other way at parishes that cater to Dignity types, etc., etc.

It's the opposite of "homophobic." When you think of "pastoral", think of it as in "pastoral scene"; a mahvellous Watteauesque tapestry with mincing, fair-skinned Shepherds (see how "pastoral" some Shepherds can be?) loving every minute of their time in Arcadia.

But as the man said about Death, "Et in Arcadia ego." The real Pastors remember that, though almost nobody wants them to.

30/8/05 00:29  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...


Is this a devious way to try to sink a Niderauder gambit for SF? You're just killing him with kindness...

30/8/05 12:39  
Blogger John Hearn said...

BXVI knows that SF will soon be consumed by fire and brimstone raining down on its sinful precincts from an angry heaven, so he is unlikely to waste a good bishop in that benighted place! (How's that for inside info?)

But seriously folks, I have to agree with our gentle host that this choice will tell us a whole lot about what B16 has in mind for the church in this land.

30/8/05 20:02  

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