Monday, August 29, 2005

Niente foto!

In another sign of the unusual nature of this morning's B16 Outreach to the Dark Side, Arturo Mari (the papal photographer extraordinaire) was nowhere to be found. No photogs, no pool, no photos whatsoever. I got an early report that Fellay was "hustled" through a back door of Castel Gandolfo, but apparently it was at his own request so he wouldn't pull a Williamson and make some kind of uncouth statement. (Tip: Papabile.)

But for those who like their daily helping of lace and fiddle-backs, the ever-comprehensive Catholic Press Photo comes to the rescue with an SSPX montage, even posting shots of Lefevbre, "the ultra-traditionalist rebel."



Blogger Jason C. said...

An honest suggestion. I've been looking through your blog, and (as in this post) you come across as very condescending and polemical. It's not very edifying.

29/8/05 20:18  
Blogger Todd said...

While I think the hard-boiled approach to blogging can alienate some, most people realize that there's a certain roughness to online communication. I find Rocco's blogging to be within bounds, and so long as it doesn't get directly insulting at people, I think it provides a bit of counterpoint to the usual traditional fisking.

29/8/05 20:35  
Blogger John Hearn said...

Yah, this is a guys blog! Have any of the gals ever commented here?

30/8/05 19:06  

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