Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Than Just Aesthetically Bonkers

From our Left Coast correspondent, further proof that the Evangelicals are out to frighten and deprive the bejesus out of all of us. If they can't even design a sane-looking flag for themselves, what the hell will they do with our cars and McMansions?

From the official description:

The eagle carrying the cross represents the American Christian taking the gospel around the world declaring Christ's shed blood for the people.

The Purple represents His royalty, the White represents His purity, the Red represents His shed blood, and the Blue represents His bruises.

The 50 stars that create the border of the flag represent all the Christians of the United States banding together to protect our right to preach the gospel and to protect our Christian heritage.

The Scriptures are Matthew 24:4 "take heed no man deceive you" and Matthew 24:14 "and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world ......and then shall the end come".

As I always pray, "Lord, save us from the people who follow you."

The worst part is the white stars on a black background.... The implication just makes me shudder. Do they really have to be that brazen?

Canada -- where a quintilingual (that's English for "speaks five languages") Hatian-refugee-turned-journalist was just named the new Governor-General -- looks better and better everyday. Like that'd ever happen in America.



Blogger Banshee said...

So the night sky, which has white stars on a black background, is really brazen. Make sure you avert your eyes from the Milky Way!

So they didn't study vexillology. Big flippin' deal. I've seen corporate and university flags that make this one look darned purty. Let's not even talk about coats of arms. *shudder*

10/8/05 07:01  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

I dunno. I'm glad the Fundamentalists are on the right side for a change when it comes to social policy. It's always good to have allies in the fight against abortion and whatnot.

But I grew up in Philadelphia. If I listen to them talk for too long, I get the urge to make certain my church has a stockpile of muskets...just in case.

11/8/05 19:14  

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