Monday, August 01, 2005

Knights of the Round Number

Ecclesiastical glitterati of all kinds have descended on Chicago for the annual Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. Of course, as the 1.7-million member KofC are known for their generous support of many efforts of evangelization and service, the bishops are showing up by the planeload, too.

The Knights have solid Rome cred. Even when most of the American cardinals haven't yet had a post-conclave sit-down with B16, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, together with his wife and Bill Lori -- the Knights' Supreme Chaplain -- has been there, done that.

The convention will close with a eucharistic congress featuring a procession through Grant Park. Gus DiNoia is keynoting on the topic "Sacrament of Unity, Sacrament of Charity." Keep an eye for that text; it'll reflect the Benedictine vision of the future in a singularly authoritative way, with particular emphasis on the role of laity in the life of the church. Definitely a flashpoint of the week, even if it weren't the dead of August.

More as it comes.



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