Monday, August 01, 2005

Habemus Podcasts

Another good turn from the Beeb, this time on the Catholic Insider podcast -- which can now be downloaded from iTunes. 105Live, from Vatican Radio, can be found there as well.... But my hard drive belongs to Nic Harcourt.

I really love radio -- had a blast doing interviews during the interregnum -- so the whole podcast phenomenon is especially exciting. And, admittedly, as God has blessed me with a good radio voice (honed over 14 years as a lector) I have been thinking of dabbling in a podcast. But I've wondered if the snowflakes could handle it. Think Ted Nugent without the mounted deer heads and bear rugs.

What say you?



Blogger CDE said...

Podcasting is an amazing technology, and it's not difficult to get set up. If you'd like any recommendations re: software / sites to get started, I'd be happy to help.

2/8/05 05:20  

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