Thursday, August 04, 2005

Green Mountains, Green Galeros

Bishop Ken Angell of Burlington (Vermont) turned 75 yesterday and submitted his letter.... But for some mysterious reason, the timetable of his resignation is seen as being an open question.

In March, Angell received a coadjutor in the person of Mons. Salvatore Matano of the diocese of Providence. Matano previously served as a "local collaborator" (read: private investigator) at the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington... That's where the appointments come from. Montalvo adores Matano, having ordained him to the episcopacy on April 19, hours after B16 made his first balcony appearance. Anyone who doubts that Angell's resignation will be expedited -- to get Matano into the bishop's chair -- doesn't know what they're talking about.

Here's a fun story to back up the point: As some might know, when a coadjutor is selected for a diocese, until he succeeds as the diocesan bishop the former's coat of arms is solely his personal shield, as is the case with auxiliaries and other titular bishops. At his accession, the diocesan arms is merged or marshalled with the personal arms to symbolize the link which binds the two.

Well, Matano immediately came out of the box with the conjoined shields, as if he were already the Ordinary... Reason given: "Bishop Matano's tenure as Coadjutor Bishop of Burlington is anticipated to be... rather brief."

Some panache. And quite the diplomatic way of showing the Boss the door.

Succession will happen within days.



Blogger Jeff said...

Now this! This is the indispensible Rocco who knows whereof he speaks. Let's see if your prediction pans out; but I'm betting on you.

All the "homophobia" smears and sneers can be safely left behind in the dustbin where they belong.

4/8/05 14:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what does "absolutely adores" mean? Please don't tell me we're getting another one of "those"?

6/8/05 09:03  

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