Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Fountain's Back On


Just when I put him away, Prince is back in the heavy iTunes rotation.... Pharaoh, God love him.

So we had a class of 15 new monsignori -- "Purple Rain," as we call it here -- announced in late May. But to honor the June appointment of Father Arthur Rodgers as episcopal vicar for Montgomery County (that's where the money comes from), Rigali pulled his strings over at The Mothership and got Rodgers a set of reds in the world-record time of two months. And that's two months in the dead of summer... incredible.

The swiftness of it -- announced by fax earlier in the day -- has come as a very pleasant August surprise. The new Msgr. Rodgers is one of the most widely-respected and hardest-working Philly priests, with a record of service that has touched every area of the life of this archdiocese over four decades of priesthood. He's built his parish, St. Matthias at Bala Cynwyd, into an energized community and a haven for sumptuous liturgy, and his administrative prowess and brilliant mind are the stuff of legend in this town. For the LA folks, Rodgers is our Ben Hawkes. (Tip to "Il Rettore" for the correction.)

We're still waiting for Rigali to honor laypeople -- especially now that we know that the honors can be attained quickly -- but elevating Art will make his many admirers here quite happy.

Kudos and congrats to him.



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