Thursday, August 04, 2005

The DaLoggia Code

Before I close up shop for the evening, I have to admit that visions of a book are dancing in my head: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Vatican, But Were Afraid to Ask.

This would be an experience. The Pro revealed in a five-page hagiography, and the world would also learn the identity of some other intriguing characters.... Gessica, anyone?

I'm thinking a glossary-type set-up of people, places, concepts and terms. And fun stories from behind-the-scenes thrown in.

Who's so bold to set it up?

David Gray's on Conan. I'm seeing Gray on Friday at a lunch gig.... But he's got a female cellist with him. Is he trying to out-Damien Damien or something?

Whatever the case, further validation that I really onto something the first time I heard Vyvienne Long.

Buona notte.



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