Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Colorado Shrieks?

Now this is interesting...

Some blogger met Michael Sheridan, Jesuit-educated Christologist and bishop of Colorado Springs, in Cologne, came home and wrote that Sheridan "is a hulking beast of a man, with shoulders as broad as a gorilla and a frat boy haircut, and a glance that lets you know he could kill you in less than three seconds."

WHAT?! Now, I'm sorry, but that's just weird... But it gets weirder....

Not to be outdone, Sheridan posted in this guy's combox --
Jamie, It was great meeting you in the hotel lobby at WYD. I really must have intimidated you. Of course, I could kill you in three seconds -- but I never would. Is a frat boy haircut a good thing?

Jamie, that's what you get for saying that a bishop has gorilla shoulders. If it's a hissyfit about missing a bus, that's another thing. But let's be real here... When bishops want to talk to me, my phone rings. It makes for good business.

Now, truth be told, I once had a very enjoyable encounter with Michael Sheridan. It came at the tail end of that memorable evening we call The Exaltation of the Pharaoh, 2003 -- Sheridan, of course, was an auxiliary to Rigali in St. Louis before being sent to the place religion writers call the "Evangelical Vatican." From my buzzed state at the time -- and everyone was buzzed as red wine was flowing from the walls -- I recall a chat about home, the work, the good stuff.

For the life of me, though, I don't recall getting that "he could kill me in three seconds" gaze from Sheridan... Maybe it's because I was raised around churchmen, but I've never gotten that from any bishop who wasn't carrying a chainsaw. (And who could that be, snowflakes?)




Blogger Dad29 said...

Frankly, I thought the dialogue was funny.

And manly.

The "manly" part is not characteristic of a lot of Bishops and priests these days--need I say more?

1/9/05 10:35  

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