Friday, August 12, 2005

All in the Family

Buona tardi, snowflakes.

Tonight is Levada's gala farewell dinner in San Francisco. Niederauer will be present, as will the suffragans and the other favored ones. But the prefect's cousin has some words to share. From my Tablet editor, Mike Hirst:

IN A POTENTIALLY embarrassing development, a first cousin of Archbishop William Levada has called upon the man who will soon take up his role as the Vatican’s chief doctrinal watchdog to tone down the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s reputation for being “heavy-handed and unilateral”.

Fr Richard Mangini’s open letter, “Advice to the faithful”, a copy of which was obtained by The Tablet this week, urges Archbishop Levada to walk “a more gentle, moderate and conciliatory path”. The letter was published in the weekly parish bulletin of St Bonaventure’s, in the Bay Area city of Oakland, California, where Fr Mangini is a parish priest, soon after Archbishop Levada was appointed. It argues: “While the Congregation is popularly called the ‘Watch Dog’ by reporters, I believe its purpose is much larger and more positive: to promote a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith throughout the world.”

Fr Mangini, 65, told The Tablet this week he would be seeing the archbishop at a gala farewell dinner in San Francisco tonight, and added that he would deliver the letter to his cousin before he departs his San Francisco archdiocese on Wednesday....

While he acknowledged that Archbishop Levada – whose father was Fr Mangini’s mother’s brother – may not pay any attention to his advice, Fr Mangini said he was personally close to the archbishop and in his letter writes: “I hope that my cousin walks a more gentle, moderate and conciliatory path, inviting friendly dialogue in contentious areas of Catholic Christian thought, not always operating from authority and power, but rather from pastoral care.”

Hey, if you've got the left, the right, the nut gallery and your own family all on your case, you must be doing something right.

And, in other Bay news, seems the cats have been working overtime to spin the "Woman, Thou Art Disgraced" incident.



Blogger Fred said...

Levada is in good company.

12/8/05 13:19  
Blogger Peter Nixon said...

Full disclosure: Fr. Richard is my pastor, so I'm pretty biased. I'd take a bullet for the guy. That doesn't mean I always agree with him, but he's a holier man than me by a long shot. Deeply prayerful.

I agree with pdmn. No story here. Fr. Richard is a good priest and a good pastor. At the end of the day, it's folks like him who have to answer questions from the rank and file about anything coming out of the CDF (or Rome generally for that matter). That can breed a certain concern about statements or actions that do not seem adequately callibrated for pastoral impact. A lot of priests feel the same and don't say anything.

16/8/05 01:30  

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