Monday, June 13, 2005

Sneak Preview

Sometimes, it seems like people have too much free time on their hands. Then again, who am I to talk?

I linked a while back to the blog of a guy in LA named Clayton. He had some good points about LA's ordination being ticket-only when only five guys were being ordained and the cathedral seats around 50,000 people.

Well, Clayton & Co. are continuing along in their Mahony War. The trailer for "Lord of the Thing" is one of the most impressively constructed, yet bizarre things I have possibly ever seen in 13 years in this line of work. I'm passing it along because -- well, except for the part where Levada's face appears as someone says the word "murderer" -- some will see it as chuckle-worthy, others as cringe-inducing. I see it as both.

One of the Rainbow Sash people as Gollum is a really charming touch. If libs did that on a photo of a priest in a fiddle-back, or even Maciel, the cons would hunt the creator down with burning torches and declare fatwa.

But I have to say, it looks like somebody's keeping the cafeteria wide open.... And that somebody isn't Mahony.



Blogger CDE said...

Can you explain the cafeteria comment? I'm not sure I get it.

13/6/05 23:52  
Blogger CDE said...


Have you ever considered teaching at an American seminary? Your threefold observation suggests a certain resonance with the zeitgeist of the American Catholic seminary... many an evaluation of the more traditional candidates would interpret leisure as idleness and expressions of displeasure at the ecclesial status quo as signs of mental instability.

BTW, I love the tapestries in the Cathedral too. They save the Catherdal from itself... and seem an afterthought designed especially for that purpose.

14/6/05 06:44  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

I was greatly heartened by the photographs of the LA Cathedral once it opened - they certainly look much better than the architect's construction designs did. Having not seen the Cathedral myself with my own eyes, I reserve judgment, but it sure doesn't seem all that awful to me. If anything, the LA Cathedral is a VAST IMPROVEMENT over St. Mary Maytag in San Francisco and the dreadful, dreadful Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral - nice boys' choir though. And, I am someone who thinks that church architecture went downhill when they started removing the rood screens from the churches!

Patrick Rothwell

14/6/05 16:31  
Blogger CDE said...

ah, the beauty of authentic dialogue and respect for the human person...

15/6/05 08:07  

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