Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Get Out the Cukoo Clocks

From the "equal time for my critics" desk, we have a new demonization. Not so much of me, but of Ingrid Stampa, papal confidante extraordinaire. The basis of the kook critique is the Beliefnet piece I wrote about Stampa in April.

Will the heterodox cons and their schismatic cousins (Novus ordo? What novus ordo?) ever let up? Check this nugget:

In short, what Stampa and [Anne] Burke [former chair of the National Review Board] stand for is exactly the opposite of what Catherine of Siena stood for. She wanted to preserve and protect the true faith while they want to overturn, redefine, and usurp the status quo given their background and associations. It is a blasphemy to compare that great saint to these two women, and only adds fuel to the contention that all of this comes from the depths of hell!

And these people claim no hypocrisy while screaming about "Catholic Identity Theft." Think about that. Pot calling the kettle black, cons? What's new?
The feminists and Church modernists who want greater female influence in the Catholic Church must be brimming with hope and excitement. Our reaction, however, should be much more concerned… One has to wonder if the NOW banner will not soon be flying above the Vatican. Given all of the points made, I firmly believe that the relationship and influence of this Ingrid Stampa over Benedict XVI bears careful watching.
Yep, it sure bears watching. And admiring the character of a pope strong enough to seek out the best and brightest in his circle. And debunking the misled mysogynist credo that ordination signifies not so much service as power, creating a clericalist dream world where women are best seen and not heard. And -- surprise, surprise -- that's where the scandals come from.

All I have to say is that I wear the emnity of these people as a badge of pride.



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