Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Solemn Promise

Well, as Amy keeps trying to figure me out (what you see is what you get), Vaticanisti -- really should be the singular Vaticanista (does someone have an issue with the feminine "a"?) -- posts the saucy spec that Levada to CDF clears the way for Joe Fessio to be named archbishop of San Francisco.


Gotta breathe....

If this happens -- and be reminded, gentle snowflakes, that we don't even have the Bollettino in hand yet about the first shoe dropping -- then Amy, Ray Flynn and Lawler can come to my office, cook crow, and I will eat it.

Hell, I'll take it tartare.


It seems I'll have to ask Levada to make his first order of business a Decree mandating that comment-posters publish e.mail addresses with their posts. This is heeded, it seems, as much as Humanae vitae. Sorry, cons....



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