Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Open Book

Well, Amy Welborn has opened the Holy Door.... Thanks to Amy for her shout-out and a warm Benvenuto! to the people of the Open Book.

The comments have started to flood in, and I've regrettably had to delete most of them. Again, it is the policy here -- as explicated in the four posts below -- that all feedback must include a name and valid e.mail address, all violations being expunged regardless of their content. I don't want to be forced to shut off the comments section if this honors system keeps getting violated, but if it comes to that, then I will.

Demanding accountability from bishops, myself, or anyone else via an anonymous intervention is simply hypocritical -- we all have to hold each other to the same standards, no?

Thanks for the comments. I am captivated.



Blogger Richard said...

Hello Rocco,

1. Interesting site you have here - I am indeed one of of Amy's refugees. Thanks for the Benvenuto.

2. Speaking just for myself, I promise to be a good boy and abide by the rules. A blogger's blog is his castle - and others must abide by the rules or walk the drawbridge. I hope others keep this in mind as well.

I certainly plan to check back here once the CDF position is officially announced. If it is indeed Levada, I suspect it may mean less than meets the eye - Pope Benedict seems likely, it seems to me, to be be his own CDF head in certain respects. Or at least a more active overseer than, say, John Paul II was. But we shall see. All I know is that the Holy Father is in a better position to evaluate what should be done with CDF than I do.

Best regards
Richard Lender

11/5/05 15:13  
Blogger Laura Gonzalez said...

I'm trying to abide by the rules, but am having problems. Must the name and email address appear in the post, or is the name sufficient if it shows the email address on the blogger profile?

I too was directed here by Open Book, I like to watch them go into apoplectic fits over things like the possibility of Levada becoming head of CDF. If he does, will the conservatives start worrying that B16 is not fitting into their mold of what a Pope should be doing? Is the cafeteria indeed closed, as I've seen a recent poster announce? As if were ever "open" during the pontificate of JPII?

Laura Gonzalez

11/5/05 16:08  

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